Honey and Prue

The 'land of milk and honey' is the biblical place where fantasy meets desire and need, an imagined space of abundant fertility that is satiated in the mouth and on the tongue. In their new exhibition, Long and Stent invoke the promised land of substance and sweetness, but whose heaven is it? And how long can the fantasy of consumption last before it becomes a parable of destruction?

Honey Long and Prue Stent construct surreal scenes where the body is employed as both raw material and apparition, becoming a conduit for subconscious feelings and interpretation. Fetishistic materials such as netting, glow-mesh, and latex - as well as more commonplace objects merge with the organic creating a rich network of symbolic association.

Working within site which have been drastically altered in some way by human activity, the beautiful and the disturbing coalesce. From salt lakes and pink clay cliffs to the vibrant soils around copper mines and opal shafts, there is a sensuous materialism in these landscapes which is both deeply unsettling and breathtaking. 
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